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The place of nawabs and pleasure, but as a woman, are you frustrated with not getting the bedroom gratification and desires satisfied as you want it by your boyfriend, partner, or husband? It is natural for single ladies, married women, housewives, or working ladies to fulfill the fulfillment behind closed doors. With our thriving gigolo club in Lucknow and many men joining the gigolo jobs in Lucknow, there is no talent shortage. Many men are eager to satisfy you, while you can earn a lot of money by pleasuring these women as a man.

Any man willing to please a woman can join the playboy services in Lucknow. But the man must be over the age of 18 years and after contacting us at XXX have to select the gigolo in Lucknow to start the job.

Once you do the gigolo joining in Lucknow, you will have to undergo training along with some necessary assessments. After completing those, along with the playboy in Lucknow, your profile and other details will be stored in our database securely. Ladies who are willing to seek the service of our gigolo club in Lucknow can see your profile and opt for you. After you serve the lady, you will get paid.

Whether you are a lady seeking the service of a male escort or a man interested in joining the profession of gigolo, contact us at XXX to discover more about the gigolo market in Lucknow.

A man older than 18 years and willing to give sexual and various kinds of services in exchange for cash is known as a callboy, playboy, or escort in Lucknow.

A escort in Lucknow male escort joining in Lucknow must provide all the required services as stated by the client. The male escort might have to accompany the lady to different places, events, hotels, and parties that can be high-end. Along with these, the male companion also may have to provide sexual services to the client when requested.

Since we have been providing the ladies of Lucknow and all across India with the best male escorts, we have become one of the leading agencies in the country. Our men are well-groomed and handsome who can live up to a lady's expectation.

We also ensure that both our male escorts and clients are safe and can enjoy a tension-free service. Hence we have zero-tolerance policies for any illegal activities.

Joining our Gigolo club in Lucknow is very straightforward. The male escorts need to embrace physical and mental assessment and training courses in how to pleasure and satisfy a woman before joining the job.

It is necessary for all our male escorts as of now and during their work with us to undergo:

• Regular physical and medical tests

• STD checks

• Psychological assessments

If you want to know how to offer male escort services in Lucknow all you have to do is follow these simple six steps:

1. Fill the remigration form for working as a Playboy

2. You then pay the registration fee.

3. Within the next 24 hours, we will contact you and interview you.

4. Once we approve you and put your details in the database, the client will call you directly for the service.

5. You can contact our office to get further details about the client and meet her

6. After the meeting, provide the service, satisfy her, and get paid for the job.

• Start earning a minimum of INR 6,000 to INR 20,000 per client

• Our registration and commission fees are affordable for the male escorts

• We do not serve the LGBTQ community

• We ensure the clients are STD free

• We do not share personal details of our members

• We are a legally registered company that complies with the laws of male prostitution as recognized by the Constitution of India

• You can also work at your convenience and cancel work in case of an emergency.

• You have the opportunity to serve between four to ten clients per month.

When you hire us, we warrant safety and discreet service, where all our playboys undergo detailed background checks. We never hire individuals who have:

• Legal records of any misdoing

• Any relationship that is unlawful with a minor

• Any record of the human, child, or any other kinds of trafficking

We also check the business where an individual or another company hires our service. We ensure the hiring process does not affect our client or the male escort's wellbeing.

Why wait anymore? Join our Gigolo service in Lucknow and start your journey towards financial independence, a life of pleasure and satisfaction today.

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